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Awesome Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Posted by Kevin Kelly on August 29, 2017

Thinking of one perfect gift is hard enough—coming up with perfect gifts for a year’s worth of holidays, birthdays, weddings, and other gift­giving occasions is impossible for most people, especially for those with large families and lots of friends. Fortunately, there are some gifts out there that are widely appealing enough to work for any occasion, whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, your cousin’s college graduation, or your sister’s bridal shower.

 Perfect present for anyone!

Keeping a list of awesome gift ideas for any occasion, like the one below, will save you stress throughout the year:


  1. Monthly subscription

Just like there was once a magazine for every interest, there is now a growing industry of monthly gift subscription services catering to a wide variety of hobbies, interests, and preferences. Does your gift recipient like gadgets, crafts, coffee, cosmetics, books, or healthy snacks? There are several different subscriptions for each, plus many other available online, guaranteeing a home­run gift every time.

  1. Indoor herb garden

 Aspiring chefs will love access to fresh herbs in their kitchen, but even people without culinary skills will enjoy a dash of fresh basil on their frozen pizza or a sprig of mint in their iced tea. Plus, indoor herb gardens smell wonderful and look great in kitchen windows, adding a bit of peaceful greenery to any environment.

  1. Whiskey bullets

Ice­cold drinks are best when they remain ice­cold, but no one likes it when their cocktail—especially high­quality liquor—gets diluted with melting ice cubes. That’s why freezable components like Bullets2Bandages’ Whiskey Bullets are becoming so popular. Instead of using ice cubes that are vulnerable to warm temperatures, your gift recipient can keep their drinks chilled with our chic stainless steel replica bullets.

  1. Portable speaker

If you know someone who loves to keep the music flowing wherever they go, they’ll love a portable Bluetooth speaker that can be synced with their phone. As a bonus, find a portable speaker that is also waterproof, so it can go to the beach, the pool, on a boat, or even in the shower for continuous tunes everywhere.

  1. Photo book

Everyone loves reminiscing about good times, so any occasion is a great time to give someone you love the gift of memories with a custom photo book. There are several online retailers offering photo book services—all you need to do is upload your photos, arrange them in pre­made templates, and add hilarious or touching captions that your loved one can still enjoy long after the memories start to fade.

  1. Ecosphere

Ecospheres are more than just updated versions of Sea Monkey tanks—they are gorgeous little bulbs teeming with life in an enclosed environment, which means no need to feed or clean anything. Ecospheres are perfect for friends or family members who work at desks, providing temporary, tranquil escapes from daily stress.

  1. Wine from a special year

Almost everyone loves a good bottle of wine now and then, but to make a wine gift even more special—and specific to whatever occasion it’s for—find a wine that was bottled in a special year, such as the year a newlywed couple started dating, or the year you met your birthday­celebrating friend. If you want to go all out, you can probably find wines from decades ago, but even a year of recent significance will make a big impact.

  1. Bullet Bottle Opener

If the person you’re shopping for prefers beer to wine, you can’t go wrong with a personalized Bullet Bottle Opener from Bullets2Bandages. The once­fired military grade ammunition makes a bold statement and comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and fonts for the two lines of customized engraved text. We also offer Bullet Bottle Opener sets that are perfect for groomsmen or bridesmaids gifts.

  1. Mixology kit

If your gift recipient prefers mixed drinks to wine or beer and has a certain experimental flair, they’ll love a chance to whip up their own signature drinks with a mixology kit. Combining chemistry and bartending, mixology kits come in a variety of specialization, focusing on exotic flavors, scientific special effects, and other exciting ways to customize drinks. 

  1. Six Shooter Shot Glasses
Almost everyone enjoys a shot of quality liquor on occasion, so why not mark a special occasion with a specialized shot glass, like one that resembles the cylinder of a classic revolver? Bullets2Bandages’ Six Shooter Shot Glasses are sturdy, slick, and they can be customized with a single line of text, just enough for “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!” or even an inside joke to add more significance to the gift.


Bullets2Bandages offer gifts that keep on giving


At Bullets2Bandages, our inventory of customizable bottle openers, barware, and other accessories are awesome gifts for any occasion, but they’re also two gifts in one. We donate 15% of our annual profits to veterans charities, which means your gift will help out America’s heroes while putting a giant smile on your loved one’s face.


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Posted by Kevin Kelly

Marine Veteran & Content editor and creator.

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