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Top 9 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Eric Montgomery on May 07, 2017

Your mother already gave you the greatest gift of allyour lifewhich is probably why it’s so hard to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. How can you compete? Still, Mom deserves something that shows your appreciation for all she’s done for you, and a basic bouquet or trinket from the mall won’t cut it. This year, give her something truly unique that will propel you to the top of her “favorite child” list. Here are some top Mother’s Day gifts she’s sure to love—and read all the way to the bottom to see how to get expedited shipping on an order from our site to ensure that your gift arrives on time:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mama Bear necklace

Jewelry is always a great gift idea, but it can be a bit generic. Instead of the typical heart necklace, try a Mama Bear necklace, featuring a sterling silver mama bear with up to four bronze cubs in tow on a delicate sterling silver chain. This sweet addition to Mom’s jewelry box perfectly captures a mother’s protective nature, and it will look stylish with any outfit.


We all know mama’s got to have her coffee in the morning, but if your mom is partial to iced coffee (especially with summer so close), the HyperChiller can chill hot home-brewed coffee in less than two minutes. Bonus: it can also insta-chill white wine, liquor, or any other non-carbonated beverage.

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Fish are nice to have around the house, but they can often feel a bit pointless as pets—you can’t even pet them. But eco-conscious moms will love the Back to the Roots Water Gardena self-cleaning fish tank that can grow flowers, sprouts, or herbs up top in a system called aquaculture. The garden includes everything needed to get started, even a coupon for a beta fish.


Moms have a lot on their mind, so it’s no surprise that misplacing essentials like keys and wallets are a fact of daily life. An easy solution is Tile, which attaches to nearly any item and allows Mom to track its location through her smartphone. And if she misplaces her phone? Attach a tile to it and locate through a tablet instead.

Amazon Echo

How many times has your mom wished out loud for a personal assistant? Amazon Echo, a “smart home” virtual assistant with voice recognition technology, will answer that call—literally. Echo can answer on-the-fly questions, read the news and weather, control lights, thermostats and sprinklers, and even order takeout! It also features a rich 360-degree sound system that can stream music from any device.

Click & Grow

If your mom loves cooking with fresh herbs but she doesn’t have much of a green thumb, she’ll love the Click & Grow indoor herb garden. It comes with everything needed to grow herbs year-round, like mint, basil, rosemary, and sage. The unit also features patented smart soil technology that applies the right amount of water, oxygen, pH, and nutrients for hassle-free growing.

Spa Bundle

Almost every mother appreciates a good spa day, but some are too busy to indulge. Instead of a gift certificate for a facial or massage that she’ll never end up using, bring the spa to her with a Spa Bundle including Shea Butter Scented Soaps, a Vanilla Bean Pouch, a stylish leatherette Sleep Mask, and Folklore Strawberry Nail Polish, all packaged in a vanilla keepsake box.

Chuao chocolates

No Mother’s Day gift list would be complete without chocolates. But if your mother’s palette is too adventurous for the average Whitman’s Sampler, try a selection from Chuao Chocolatier, a gourmet chocolate shop that features unusual flavors like Baconluxious Caramel, French Toast, Rose Garden, and Spiced Cabernet Caramel.

Customized .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

All moms have distinct tastes, so if your mother is more of the beer-and-guns type instead of the flowers-and-chocolate type, she’ll love a .50 Caliber Bottle Opener in gloss pink or nickel-plated finish engraved with “Happy Mother’s Day!” or another personalized message...don't be thrown off by the fact that the pages are titled Bridesmaid/Groomsman as the bottle openers/boxes are personalized with whatever text you want. Each bottle opener is made from a real once-fired military grade projectile, and it’ll crack open Mom’s favorite brew in a snap. 

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Posted by Eric Montgomery

Following his graduation from the US Naval Academy in 2004, Eric served as a Marine Corps infantry officer for 7 years before joining Bullets2Bandages

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