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10 Things You Didn't Know About Labor Day

For most Americans, Labor Day means the official end of summer—one last chance for a backyard barbecue or trip to the beach before school resumes and fall begins. But the holiday is more than just a day of relaxation. Labor Day was created to honor workers and support unions at the height of the industrial revolution, when working conditions were less than ideal.



In the late 1800s,...

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10 Refreshing Beers to Try This Summer Season

Beer is great in any season, but there’s something about a hot summer day and a crisp, cold brew in your hand that takes the pleasure to the next level. If you’re looking to expand your beer horizons, check out these 10 refreshing beers to try this summer season. They’re the perfect seasonal companions to barbeques, swim parties, and days at the beach.

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New Years, New Beers

8 Festive Beers to Kick Off the New Year: New Year’s Eve has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the celebration has to end. A new year means a chance to try new things, so instead of making resolutions that you know won’t stick, why not resolve to check out these festive beers from some of the top craft breweries in the US?

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13 Great Uses For Beer Besides Drinking It

If you ask us, our idea of Beer Heaven is cracking open a cold brew on a hot day. In addition to the refreshing quality of a good beer, we love it for its versatility too. You can use beer for all sorts of cooking and life hacks. (But there’s still one thing beer can’t do—open itself—which is where our customized Bullet Bottle Openers come in handy.)

Take a look below at 13 great uses for...

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Materials you need to build the perfect home bar

It finally happened even though you swore it never would. You reached a point in your life where the bar scene just doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe you’re locked down and out of the dating pool or maybe you want to protect what structural integrity your eardrums have left.

Either way, you don’t have to say goodbye to your buddies. Build yourself a home bar and invite them over. Not much beats a...

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Top 16 San Diego Breweries for You and Your Dog

One of the best parts about living in San Diego is the fact that we've got some 115 (and counting) craft breweries within SD County borders, ranging in size from nationally-known big boys like Stone and Ballast Point down to hole in the wall -- yet equally tasty -- spots like Groundswell and Pure. With the city being very dog-friendly across the board, it's no surprise that a lot of the best...

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How to Throw the Best Backyard BBQ this Summer

Every summer, the alluring aroma of grilled meat wafts from backyards all across the country as Americans partake in a homegrown tradition: the backyard BBQ. And while all you really need for a successful event is grilled meat, cold drinks, and a fun crowd, BBQs are amazingly versatile events. Whether you want a Pinterest-perfect party or a three-keg rager that lasts well into the night, here...

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7 Must-Have Gifts for Anyone in the Military

         Searching for a gift for someone in the military can be a little bit tricky. Gifts that are merely cool or stylish may not be the best bet, especially for those heading out on deployment who have to think strategically about what will be of use and what will weigh them down. But gifts that are merely useful do little to inspire. Sure, socks are always good, but they’re not that much...

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Growlers: Craft Beer's Holy Grail

Craft beer lovers unite! Bullets2Bandages' growlers make excellent traveling companions for your most favorite brew. Perfect for yourself, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and even the bride and groom themselves. Everyone will want this gift.

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Get Your Ladies the Best: Bridesmaids .50 cal Bullet Bottle Opener

SNAP. Glug glug. Ahhhh. A lady likes a cold one as much as any man.

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Have a 6 Pack to Go!

How can you make your cold, craft brew better? By slipping six of those babies into this Engraved 6 pack beer caddy, that's how!

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A Handle Like No Other - 30mm Round Tap Handle

Beer tap handles come in many shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. Handles are made from unique materials with eye-catching qualities, designed and crafted with as much thought and ingenuity as the beer they link to. Tap handles are works of art that engage a person after just a quick glance.

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Our Top 9 Holiday Gift Ideas

Here at B2B we think our products are a good fit for any time of the year, but they make especially good solutions for the holiday shopping season. Check out our TOP 9 recommendations on how to knock out all your gift-buying all in one spot.

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Fall is in Full swing, and Pumpkin Beers are Here!

Well, it is that time of year again, the time when leaves turn brown and fall off trees. This is the time for some really great beers. For those who want to go beyond the brown ales, and the oktoberfests, you may venture into the idea of a pumpkin beer from some of the top brewers out there.

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New Gift Box Option for our .50 Caliber Bottle Openers

In the ~2 years since we added customized gift boxes as an option for our .50 Caliber Bottle Openers we've sold thousands of them -- customers love being able to add that extra touch of personalization to their orders. However we occasionally receive requests from people who want a box for their .50 Cal Bottle Opener, but don't need to have it customized. After enough of those requests, we...

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