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10 Refreshing Beers to Try This Summer Season

Beer is great in any season, but there’s something about a hot summer day and a crisp, cold brew in your hand that takes the pleasure to the next level. If you’re looking to expand your beer horizons, check out these 10 refreshing beers to try this summer season. They’re the perfect seasonal companions to barbeques, swim parties, and days at the beach.

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How We Turn Our Bullets Into Bottle Openers

The first thing people ask us when they see our bullet bottle openers is, “How can I get one?” The second thing they ask is, “How do you make them?” In fact, at Bullets2Bandages we spend so much time answering the question of how we make our bullet bottle openers, that we figured we might as well take a minute to answer the question here.  


So if you’re curious, read on for a brief overview...

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