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How We Turn Our Bullets Into Bottle Openers

The first thing people ask us when they see our bullet bottle openers is, “How can I get one?” The second thing they ask is, “How do you make them?” In fact, at Bullets2Bandages we spend so much time answering the question of how we make our bullet bottle openers, that we figured we might as well take a minute to answer the question here.  


So if you’re curious, read on for a brief overview...

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7 Must-Have Gifts for Anyone in the Military

         Searching for a gift for someone in the military can be a little bit tricky. Gifts that are merely cool or stylish may not be the best bet, especially for those heading out on deployment who have to think strategically about what will be of use and what will weigh them down. But gifts that are merely useful do little to inspire. Sure, socks are always good, but they’re not that much...

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So you missed Mother's day and your mom wants to shoot you? Well don't forget Father's day!

So you missed Mother's day and your mom wants to shoot you? Are you wondering what the best belated Mother's day gift could possibly be? How about a bullet to shoot you with? Better yet, how about a pink bullet? Or even better, a pink bullet engraved with something sweet or funny. The best gift might be a pink bullet engraved with an apology that is also a beer opener. Add six cold bottles of...

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