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Top Ten Chesty Puller Quotes

It would be hard to argue that there's a bigger legend in Marine Corps history than LtGen Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller. In addition to his battlefield exploits recognized by five Navy Crosses and numerous other valor awards, he was equally well-known for his colorful sayings. Here are a few of them...

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Top Ten General Mattis Quotes

It's hard to top General James Mattis when it comes to having a legendary status among this generation of Marines. In addition to his expertise as a combat commander, he's also known for saying some interesting stuff when he's found himself in front of a microphone. Read on to see our ten favorite General Mattis quotes.

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Marine Corps Infantry .50 Caliber Bottle Openers Now Available

In keeping with our track record of offering the best USMC gifts on the market, we've now got .50 Cal Bottle Openers available for every infantry battalion in the Marine Corps! These make the perfect gift for Marines in your life -- or grab one for yourself. Read on to learn how to save on these unique Marine Corps gifts. 

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Our .50 Cal Bottle Openers = $6,400 in PROFIT for a USMC squadron

In September 2014 we got an email from a US Marine Corps heavy helicopter squadron based out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, which is located about 10 miles north of us. They were looking for gifts for their upcoming Marine Corps Birthday Ball (if that describes you click here to contact us) and hoped we could help them -- so we produced a custom order of Marine Corps Bottle Openers for...

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5 Fast Facts--Travis Manion and the Travis Manion Foundation


...about Travis Manion and the Foundation that bears his name. However, with nearly 50 of the 9/11 Heroes Runs kicking off this weekend we realized that we've never really talked much about Travis himself or explained why we're proud to be partnered with the Travis Manion Foundation. Before we go any further, we'd like to remind you that you can...

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Guest Blog Post from Derek Herrera and Spinal Singularity

Hey guys, Eric here. Today we're featuring a guest blog post from Derek Herrera (check out his blog here), a guy I've known since the summer of 2002. He's going to talk a bit about his latest venture with Spinal Singularity. 

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My Top 6 Most Memorable Marine Corps Birthday Balls

Why 6? Well, I started with a nice round number of 5 then realized I'd forgotten to include the 2007 Birthday Ball so I had to revise things a bit. Read on for more details...

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