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What To Engrave on Your Groomsmen Gifts

Posted by Cole Evans on October 01, 2015

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your best man and groomsmen? We've got you covered. 

Now, as for the question of what to engrave on your .50 Caliber Bottle Openers or any of our other top groomsmen gifts -- we can help you there too. Several times each week we get calls from customers who are looking for our advice on what to have engraved on their groomsmen gifts. 

Having done thousands of custom engraving jobs on our .50 Caliber Bottle Openers during the 2+ years that we've had our own laser engraver, we thought we could offer up some suggestions on what you can put on your groomsman gifts.

One note up front since this is BY FAR the most common mistake we see on submitted orders...

The singular form of Groomsmen is Groomsman. That means each guy in your wedding party is a Groomsman, not a Groomsmen.

In other words: 

Joe - Groomsman   is correct

Joe - Groomsmen   would be incorrect (unless that's what you REALLY want)


5 Pack of Custom Engraved Bottle Openers
First, we'd recommend watching the below video for an idea of how our website's customization capabilities work (skip ahead to the 4:45 mark if the video doesn't go there automatically):

If that doesn't help and you want to get an idea of how things will look, you can create a text box using the appropriate dimensions within Word or PowerPoint then play around with different layouts to see which looks the best for your font of choice.

A few considerations...

  1. Obviously, entering fewer characters means that we'll be able to use a larger font. While we can put up to 25 characters per line on up to 3 lines, going near that limit will require a much smaller font than if you were to keep things to ~10-15 characters per line. 
  2. Same deal with the number of lines. Depending on the specifics of your text, going with two lines could result in smaller text than sticking with a single line. With the powder-coated openers we can use three lines if you really want to, but keep in mind that adding the third line means that we may start running out of vertical space and have to shrink the font...particularly in the case of what you'll see in #3. Once again, you can get a feel for the difference by playing around with a text box and comparing different layouts.
  3. Font and capitalization matter. As you can see in the top example on the below photo, the tail of the "y" hangs below the first line and runs into the second line of text which means we would have to increase the line spacing to keep the two lines separate. Increasing the line spacing means that we would exceed our 0.5" vertical limitation, so we would have to reduce the font size a bit to bring it back within our height limit. The single line version may be a better option, but then again if some of the first names are very long we'd have to use a small font. Engraving for .50 Caliber Bottle OpenersThere are a few ways around this issue -- you can use ALL CAPS with your engraving, though capital letters tend to require more horizontal space than their lowercase counterparts so keep that fact in mind if you're looking to use 20+ characters. Some fonts like Antique and Stencil and may be good options because their lowercase letters are just smaller versions of their uppercase letters which means they don't hang below the line of text.
  4. Our gift boxes (if you choose to add them) have about 6" of width and 1.7" of height to work with. That means we can easily fit 3-4 lines with lots of letters on each one. So it's worth thinking about keeping the bottle openers simple then using the boxes to add more text...i.e. adding their full name along with the wedding date/location or "Thank you for being part of our special day" or something similar. 

Now, as for a few engraving options...



.50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener with Initials

Simple and classy -- you can't go wrong with initials for each member of your wedding party, and your groomsmen and best man will always treasure this gift. Since it's only a few letters, we'll be able to go very large with the text and can accommodate fancier-looking fonts if you prefer. We can also do them monogram-style with the center letter larger than the rest -- just specify what you want when checking out. You can always keep things simple on the bottle openers then add more text in the form of names, dates, or titles on the gift boxes.


Title with Bride/Groom Names & Wedding Date  

See the below screenshot from a recent order:


Nice and simple, clean-looking, and you could also substitute the first name or a nickname in place of "GROOMSMAN" or "BEST MAN" and it would still look great.


Title and Wedding Date 

.50 Caliber Bottle Opener Groomsmen Gift

Also keeps things simple and allows for a large font, though we will have to shrink things a bit on some of the openers if you include a "Father of the Groom" and "Father of the Bride" since they have many more letters than "Groomsman." If you go with this option you can always add names or bride/groom names on the gift boxes where there's much more space to work with.




They typically look just like these, which also show a slightly different option on the gift boxes -- remember, you can do different engraving on the boxes and on the openers. These have the first name (or first and last names, if you prefer) on line one and their title on line two and will result in a fairly large font unless any wedding party members have extremely long names.


Name+Title and Wedding Date

Engraving for .50 Caliber Bottle OpenersFirst name followed by title on the first line, then the wedding date on the second line. Not a bad option, but as you can see it will require a smaller font to fit everything on line 1 particularly if some members of the party have long first names. You can always substitute initials in place of names if that's the case.


There you have it -- that's our review of some of the best options for your custom engraved bottle openers.

If you have any other questions please ask away in the comments and we'll post updates if there's enough demand. 

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Posted by Cole Evans

Former Navy EOD Officer turned entrepreneur.

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